86-Year Legacy of Quality Customer Service: Remembering Martin Bros. Plumbing

For 86 years, the South Valley in Albuquerque, New Mexico was graced with Martin Bros. Plumbing, a mom-and-pop shop that provided plumbing and hardware supplies to generations of customers. But all good things must end, and on Saturday, the brothers who took over the business in the 1980s, David and Bob Santillanes, celebrated to commemorate their 86 years of service.

The business started in the 1930s, and was named after the two brothers, who decided to keep the business’s name when they took over. The shop became a popular spot in the South Valley, and many customers kept coming back for years, with some even having parents who brought them to the store when they were children.

Customer service made Martin Bros. Plumbing such a success for so many years, as customers were always treated with respect and appreciation. This is an important lesson for personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque, as the same principle of providing excellent customer service applies to legal services. Building a relationship with clients is essential for any business, and personal injury lawyers have the opportunity to provide quality service to ensure that their clients are satisfied and remain loyal.

The celebration of Martin Bros. Plumbing was also a celebration of life, as Bob Santillanes, the co-owner of the business, passed away just days before the event. Bob was remembered as a “wonderful person” and “the best brother” by those who knew him, and his memory filled the room at the celebration.


The story of Martin Bros. Plumbing is a reminder of the importance of providing excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with clients

ABQ Accident Lawyer recognizes the impact of quality customer service on clients, as many customers have returned to Martin Bros. Plumbing for all those years. The firm strives to provide quality service to its clients to build long-term relationships.

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ABQ Accident Lawyer’s commitment to providing quality service to their clients is a testament to the legacy of Martin Bros. Plumbing. The firm hopes its story will inspire other law firms to strive for excellence and provide their clients with the best possible service.